Meet Tripp Crawford

Tripp Crawford is a skilled commercial real estate professional in Columbus, GA. He has an extensive history in sales and is passionate about the Columbus region.

Crawford began his career in the beverage industry as a sales manager for an Anheuser-Busch distributor. In 2022, Tripp was looking for a change of pace. At that time, Carson Cummings recruited him to work at Coldwell Banker in Columbus, Georgia. With years of experience in sales and management, he has adapted well to commercial real estate.

Tripp is a valuable member of the Cummings Commercial Team and supports their mission to grow and succeed. He has a competitive mindset and a natural talent for problem-solving. With these skills and his innate ability to engage with people, Tripp has become a trusted advisor to many clients.

As a professional, Tripp commits to providing value to clients and helping them succeed in their real estate endeavors. He is highly adaptable and prides himself on tailoring his approach to meet each client's needs. Tripp also has a gift for building strong relationships and helping clients see the solutions to problems.

Tripp also has deep connections to the local community. Having grown up in Columbus, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he leverages to help his clients. He is highly respected in the local business community and has a reputation as a trustworthy professional.

With Tripp Crawford, clients get a dedicated commercial real estate professional committed to helping them succeed. His problem-solving skills and ability to connect with people make him an indispensable member of the Cummings Commercial Team.