Meet Pam Fortenberry

Pam Fortenberry is a commercial real estate professional working in Columbus, Georgia. She has over a decade of experience in the industry and has been working with Carson Cummings since 2011. While she primarily works in a support role, her skills as a problem solver make her an invaluable asset.

Fortenberry started her career as an educator. She taught business and computer programming. After 30 years of teaching, she left education to pursue other interests.

Carson Cummings met Pam through a mutual friend who thought their skills complemented well. The two immediately saw how their visions of the industry aligned. Pam now uses her organizational and administrative skills to maximize the potential of the Cummings Commercial Team.

Pam is great at seeing the big picture and has a good eye for detail. She prides herself on conducting business fairly and ethically. Her passion for teaching has also translated well to her current role. She excels at understanding complex issues and helping others understand what they need to know.

Her ability to facilitate transactions has earned her the respect and appreciation of her colleagues and clients. She is a skilled communicator who can navigate even the most complex transactions. Her dedication to doing business the right way has also helped Carson and his team grow and achieve their goals.

With Pam Fortenberry, clients know they have an expert who will handle their transactions with great care and professionalism. Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned professional, Pam can provide expert support and guidance.

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