Cummings Commercial Real Estate is one of the top names for commercial real estate services in Columbus, Georgia. We have over 25 years of experience serving clients in the local real estate market. Our team also has a strong reputation for helping clients navigate the market for multifamily real estate in Columbus, GA.

Buying Multifamily Real Estate in Columbus, GA

At Cummings Commercial Real Estate, we know how complex the multifamily market can be. From finding properties to understanding zoning laws, we can guide you to success. Our experts can help with everything from developing new residential buildings to buying existing multifamily properties. We can also work with properties of all sizes. We have you covered, from smaller properties like duplexes to large apartment buildings and complexes.

Selling Multifamily Real Estate in Columbus, GA

With all the work that goes into selling a multifamily property, investors need all the help they can get. The Cummings Commercial Team is here to help you maximize value and sell properties on your timeline. We have the experience and connections to match your property with buyers and help you negotiate a deal. Our team also has the in-depth market knowledge and research skills to work with clients to develop strategies for success.

We are leaders in the local market for commercial properties, and we know multifamily real estate in Columbus, GA. Whether buying, selling, or developing a project, Cummings Commercial Real Estate can guide you to success. Contact our team to schedule a meeting with one of our commercial real estate experts.